Overview of the Division

Three perspectives are required for building a sustainable regional society; industry, community development, and people. At the Division of Regional Innovation and Management, we have three courses for developing human resources that can handle these three perspectives; Graduate Course in Regional Industry, Graduate Course in Regional and Community Design, and Graduate Course in Human Health Sciences. Although there is a wide variety of academic fields that deal with urban development and people, our Graduate Course in Regional and Community Design focuses on urban planning that targets the whole of society, and the Graduate Course in Human Health Sciences focuses solely on people's behavior and physical and mental health, while bearing society in mind.

Each course contains three or four specialized education programs, as indicated below, and enrolling in any of these programs enables students to deepen their specialized knowledge. Also taking the general seminars for the entire course enables students to obtain a diverse and comprehensive viewpoint that transcends the boundaries of their program. Regional internships, international internships, and global communication subjects common to the division also enable students to aim to deepen and expand their specialized knowledge from both a local and a global perspective.